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EGM: The Result

Posted on December 24, 2013 at 1:25 PM

National Front
Party Leader: Ian Edward

Upon my resignation as Party Chairman I informed the Party Treasurer, the only other legally registered position, to ensure that my successor is appointed in accordance with the party's constitution.
The National Directorate appointed Kevin Bryan as the Party Chairman despite his ineligibility, and thus his appointment was unconstitutional; please see “The Ineligibility of Kevin Bryan” for the full facts.
Signing the RP4 form to make Kevin Bryan the legally registered party chairman would have meant I was complicit in an unconstitutional appointment, which is why this has not been undertaken.

Having been contacted by various branch organisers about the issues within the party, including the unconstitutional appointment of Kevin Bryan, the relevant processes were initiated which resulted in a demand for an EGM in accordance with Section 8 of the constitution.
The party leadership were duly informed and after 7 days without any acknowledgement, as legally registered Party Leader, I had no choice but to call the EGM.

On Saturday 7th December 2013 the EGM was held, and the following motion was passed unanimously:
For the term of up to 36 months, after which the current constitution will be implemented with the exception of motions passed by simple majority vote of all attendees at any AGM or EGM held during this term, the following will be implemented:

i. The Constitution to be suspended with the exception of Annexe 1
ii. The appointment of Ian Edward as Chairman and Steve Rowland as Deputy Chairman.
iii. Complete executive control of the party, without limitation other than Annexe 1 of the constitution must be adhered to, will be given to the Party Chairman.

This unanimously passed motion has given me the authority to effectively deal with the current issues that face the party.
For those who do not recognise the motions passed at the EGM, or the EGM itself, should be under no illusion that I am fully prepared to defend the validity of the EGM and the motions passed in a Court of Law.

The party, under the direction of Tom Holmes and then myself, was moving forward, forming a solid foundation from which we could build a strong and successful political movement within British politics.
Recently, mainly new members have taken it upon themselves to turn the party into what looks to be a racialist version of the EDL.
Whilst this will make the party look active and may quickly attract some new members, it will hinder long term growth of the National Front and is on a long road to nowhere as this is exactly where the establishment want us to be, on demonstrations and marches.
We must not play into our opponent’s hands which will leave us far too vulnerable for media and state interference who project an image not acceptable to a British electorate desperate for hope for the future.

I kindly ask those who have been attempting to change the party's direction to resign their membership.

Ian Edward.


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